Wrecking Ball political theatre swings across Canada

by Michael Wheeler with photography by Alex Williams

Tonight, Monday April 25th at 8pm local time in seven cities across Canada, theatre artists and audiences will come together to consider the upcoming federal election, the state of democracy in Canada, and many other sundry and current topics in a one-night-only national evening of political theatre.

These seven Wrecking Balls will also be connected via the internet – as each Wrecking Ball will be using and promoting the hashtag #wreckingball2011 to encourage a nation-wide conversation about politics, theatre and any other ideas this vast array of original, immediate, topical theatre will inspire in seven cities in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

Promo image for one of seven Wrecking Balls across the country

One week before a historic trip to the polls, The Wrecking Ball unleashes a reckless coalition of artists and perspectives across the national electoral stage in:

Wrecking Ball 12: Are You Dying To Vote?

Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal

Click here for locations and artists involved in each Wrecking Ball.

All shows @ 8pm local time

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Beyond the constraints of the CRTC, online voting tools on CBC, considering voting ABC, possibly the type to take off down the a runway on an ATV (we do make the rules here), The Wrecking Ball is back and swinging into the electoral debate without an invitation from the television consortium.

Writers who have voted to participate in Wrecking Ball 12 will be creating works both strategically and from their hearts, but all with the same questions in mind as many Canadians appraising their slate of diminishing and imperfect electoral options:

What is leadership? What is democracy? How are they related?

While North Africa surges towards democratic ideals, North America seems to be passing our Atlantic neighbours like strangers in the bright daylight of heavily engineered apathy.

Three years after the continent buzzed with hope, where do we look to for inspiration? Who do we look up to and why? How can we impact a system engineered to further empower the empowered?

As our democratic institutions face this crucial test, the Wrecking Ball invites audiences and artists to consider these questions one week from a crucial decision at the ballot box.

Photo of Wrecking Ball 11 by Alex Williams