Project Democracy widgets released - bring co-operative voting to your own site

The Project Democracy Widget allows you to incorporate your own online tools to share this co-operative resource.

This is a one-stop copy/paste operation that allows your blog or website to use your traffic to provide information on how to defeat Harper Government candidates with your vote this election.

Check out our new widgets page to get the code to use on your site in one of three different stylish Project Democracy colours: open government white, co-operative green, or civil society grey.

This page is accessible permanently via the "Widget" tab on the top menu of

Do you know other people with websites who would like to see a government that represents the roughly two-thirds of Canadians who do not support Stephen Harper? It's probably time to pass this post along to them.

What about Facebook? Why not share this post as a link with your friends? The ripple effect could be huge.

Are you on Twitter? You know what to do. #cdnpoli #elxn41

Lets get these widgets all over Canadian websites that would like to promote a more democratic future.