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Change is possible in this election, but only if we all show up.

Project Democracy, Lead Now, and Open Media have joined to create a simple site where you can find your poll and then make voting social in the last days of the campaign.

This was supposed to be a boring election. Apparently Canadians didn’t get the message.

It’s incredible that turn-out at advanced polls was up 34% over the last election - now all signs are pointing to a major shift in Canadian politics.
People like you are changing this election.

In the last days of the campaign it all comes down to this: who can bring the most friends on May 2nd?

Check out the Vote Kit to find simple but effective actions for mobilizing your friends. Change your profile picture, host a call party, or invite your friends to a voter social on Monday - there are a series of simple actions to multiply your impact. 

It’s amazing to watch more and more Canadians decide that this will be anything but a status quo election. This is a historic campaign where together we can change the face of Parliament to one that represents our hopes and values.

Only you can make this change. Click here to go to Vote Social now and play your part in a transformative election that will define our future.