Let's Work Together For A New BC Government

The BC election is now underway!

On May 9, we have the opportunity to turn the page on what has become a corrupted BC Liberal Party hell bent on keeping millions of dollars in corporate donations flowing into its coffers instead of serving BC voters.

Project Democracy wants to work with you on regime change.

This election we’ll use our considerable social media footprint to keep the focus on the BC Liberals’ many transgressions.

We’ll work to keep the election narrative about the corruption and the need to clean it up by voting for a new government.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. If you haven’t already, please Like our Facebook page. Then, please interact with the news stories we post, especially Sharing them with your Friends and saying that you’ll be voting for change. This kind of ‘social proof’ is super important in persuading others.
  2. If you are able, consider making a secure donation to our work. We are volunteers, so we’ll use every dollar to promote posts in a smart, targeted way to the voters in the right ridings who need to see them. Note that if you donate $250 or more, we’ll need to include your name in our report to Elections BC.

The recent US election showed the power of Facebook, although the wrong guy figured that out first. For this BC election, let’s use that power for good and get ourselves a new government on May 9!

Thank you.




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