Internationally celebrated pianist Anton Kuerti endorses Project Democracy and calls on Canadians to vote to defeat the Harper Conservatives.

As the federal election moves into its final week, it is clear that significant changes are occurring on the Canadian electoral landscape. Concern with respect to the policies of Stephen Harper continue to grow amongst the two-thirds of Canadians who do not support the Conservative party. Project Democracy ( has been addressing that concern, and participation in the initiative has been grown exponentially over the past two weeks. Project Democracy advocates for "smart" or "cooperative" voting to defeat the Harper Conservatives.
Prominent Canadians from many sectors are joining Project Democracy, warning of the dangers of a Harper Conservative government, and the importance voting strategically in 2011. Last week Margaret Atwood, one of the world's most honoured and celebrated writers of fiction in recent history, published "Election 2011, a dark fiction" as her contribution to the Project Democracy initiative. Today, we announce the most recent Canadian to endorse Project Democracy, internationally renowned pianist, Anton Kuerti.
In his guest editorial, Kuerti makes clear the many reasons why the majority of Canadians dislike "the ideological trappings of Steven Harper."  Kuerti writes:
"Among the multitude of embarrassments Prime Minister Harper has imposed on Canada, perhaps the one that best exposes his perverted ideology and tactics is the appointment of a creationist and chiropractor as our Minister for Science and Technology. This would be amusing in a comedy act, but it is a sad testament to his contempt - not only for Parliament - but also for science and rational thought. Or perhaps that embarrassment is in a tie with his support for the Afghan war, his insistence on buying hugely over-priced F-35 fighters from the U.S. - without engines, even! - or lowering corporate taxes (which by the way does not create any jobs worth mentioning), or making a laughing stock of Canada at the climate change conferences."
Kuerti then continues to say, "It is a tragedy that those of us who have so much in common, philosophically, are unable to unite to defeat this embarrassment to Canada …We desperately need to put an end to this constellation, which borders far too closely on the ignorant mania of the Tea Party phenomenon south of our border. I strongly support Project Democracy which is helping voters make an informed choice as to which candidate in each riding is most likely to defeat Harper’s candidate."
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Pianist Anton Kuerti is one of Canada's most prominent classical musicians. He has performed in recital and with leading orchestras in 40 countries. In Canada he has appeared in 140 communities, and played with every professional orchestra, including 43 concerts with the Toronto Symphony.  A critic for Fanfare wrote simply that "Kuerti is the best pianist currently playing". Kuerti is an Officer of the Order of Canada, and has received numerous honourary degrees and awards, including the Governor General's Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award. He has been active in many social and political causes.

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