What is Project Democracy?

ProjectDemocracy.ca grew out of Voteforenvironment.ca which was a website launched in the 2008 federal election to give voters a riding by riding analysis of projected outcomes to help them make a decision on whether a strategically placed vote might realistically help towards defeating the Conservative candidate in their riding.

Projectdemocracy.ca is as deeply concerned about the environment as its predecessor and so much on that front remains at risk.  It is evident that Harper doesn’t care about the environment, but worse he has shown a disturbing penchant to ignore the democratic safeguards that the public had come to rely on. Nuclear watchdog – fired. Scientists – muzzled. Climate change funding – slashed.  This is just a very short list amongst a much longer list of evidence that point to Harper’s willingness to disregard and dismantle our democratic tenets. This article nicely summarizes what is at risk in this election http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/canada-watches-its-democracy-erode/story-e6frg6ux-1226030310248.

Canadians have felt disenfranchised and frustrated with their inability to affect change when the ballot box is not reflected in Parliament.  Unfortunately, the ‘first past the post system’ is what we have to work with this election and progressive Canadians are looking for tools that will help them express their concern over the erosion of our democracy and to get the best possible outcome of this election – or at the very least stop Harper from achieving his majority government.


How does it work?

Like its predecessor, projectdemocracy.ca makes riding projections based on a model that uses the 2008 election results (with some exceptions noted in specific ridings) and current polling to help voters understand what the public polls likely mean in their constituency.  In all cases it must be remembered that there is a margin of error in all public opinion research and because Project Democracy uses public opinion polling to make its predictions, they are subject to those margins of error. Specific local factors like a star candidate or an independent that was not a factor in the 2008 riding race may not be reflected in the model's results. Where enough information exists, Project Democracy accounts for these nuances and makes a call.

This information is intended to help voters determine whether a strategic vote could make a difference in their riding.  Of course this is not for everyone and in the vast majority of ridings strategic voting can’t affect the outcome.  However in about 10% of ridings vote splitting amongst the opposition parties can very well end up in the election of a Conservative MP.

Projectdemocracy.ca is a tool to help inform voters so they can make that determination.

In 2008, the voteforenvironment.ca had 440,000 individual visitors to its site looking for this specific riding by riding information, there is a demand for this kind of information and we are pleased to provide it for those who want it.

If you would like to dig in to the details of our prediction model you can do so with our Advanced Prediction Model.


I really want to support my party, but another opposition party has the best chance of winning in my riding?  Can I swap my vote?

The innovative people at pairvote.ca have launched a new kind of dating service for co-operative voters. If you are considering voting for a second choice candidate that would normally not be your Party of choice for the sake of blocking a Conservative win, pairvote.ca will try to find a voting mate for you. They will vote your favourite party in their own separate riding back-at-you. This way, the balance of popular vote is unchanged, but you might have helped stop Harper from winning the seat in your riding.