Are you on Stephen Harper's Enemy List?


Stephen Harper's office has created a list of "enemies" that was distributed to all of his Cabinet Ministers.

The list remains a secret. A Toronto Star editorial today states clearly that, "those on the list have reason to worry."

Are you on the list? Are any of your friends or family considered an "enemy" by their own government?

Find out. Sign on below and we will personally deliver all the names to the Prime Minister's office and demand to know if any of your names are on Harper's enemy list. 

UPDATE: we blew past our first goal of 500 signers. Thanks! Let's go for 600!

GOAL: 600 signatures

Will you sign?

When our government keeps an enemy list, it is an attack on the very core of who we are as a country. I'm not saying that lightly or in exaggeration. Canada has always been a country that welcomes with open arms citizens of other countries that are facing persecution or even death at the hands of their own government.

Now our government has its own list of enemies. Where does it stop if we don't stand up and tell our government that this is unacceptable behaviour in a free and democratic society?

Sign on now and see if you are on the list.

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