#3 - BC Liberal Donors Profit Off Unaffordable Housing Market

Part of the BC Liberals' Dirty Dozen Donations series

Who loves high home prices in Vancouver? BC Liberal donors making huge profits off them, that’s who.

Even while the party pulls in many millions, developers still top the BC Liberals donors list, taking 8 of the 10 top spots in 2016/2017, up from prior years.

Peter and Bruno Wall gave $400,000, which led to a controversy given that Christy Clark gave Peter Wall a private meeting a couple of months later, raising questions about cash for access.

Condo marketing king Bob Rennie used to be Christy Clark’s chief fundraiser until he stepped back from that role at the height of the unaffordability crisis hitting Vancouver.

Developers and real estate donors made out like bandits during years when the BC Liberals sat back and watched Vancouver real estate prices go through the roof. Christy Clark even once said that if Vancouverites were concerned about high prices they should move to Fort St. John or Prince Rupert.

Only after a massive outcry did the BC Liberals finally bring in a foreign buyers tax on Vancouver housing. While that helped a bit, Vancouver housing prices are edging up again and condo prices are surging. And Victoria is the most expensive smaller housing market in Canada.

Here is a shocking graph by Generation Squeeze showing how Vancouver housing prices have exploded beyond peoples' median incomes, which are in fact going down. 

All major BC political parties other than the BC Liberals have pledged to ban corporate, union, and foreign donations and to limit individual donations. Vote for change on May 9.

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