#7 - We Pay Hydro Bills Of Christy Clark's LNG Donors

Part of our Dirty Dozen BC Liberal's Donations series

You don’t mind paying the hydro bills of multi-billion dollar foreign LNG companies, do you? Well, LNG Christy Clark/BC Liberal donors are getting that out of you, and much more.

While BC Hydro rates go up for the rest of us, rich foreign fossil fuel donors are seeing their bills drop. For example, should the Woodfibre LNG plant near Squamish get built, it will receive hydro bill breaks of $34 million per year, or $860 million over the life of the facility.

Or, if the Petronas’ plants in the Northwest get built, they would get hydro bill breaks of $170 million a year, or $4 billion over their life. If the Site-C dam gets built, Petronas would get power at 40% below the cost of producing it, with BC citizens paying the rest, adding insult to injury in that massive boondoggle.

That’s a huge amount of cash from BC ratepayers to Malaysian and Indonesian LNG proponents. The controversial Indonesian backers of Woodfibre weren’t even daunted by getting caught in a donations scandal, and sponsored a fundraiser for BC Liberal candidate Jordan Sturdy.

Here’s a handy chart showing the timing of Woodfibre donations and BC Liberal decisions on that project:



Cheap hydro is just one of many subsidies the BC Liberals give to their fossil fuel donors, including tax breaks, royalty breaks, carbon tax exemptions, and government payments to First Nations to secure their permission.

In spin worthy of George Orwell, Christy Clark has tried to portray LNG as ‘green.’ In fact, just one plant would be one of Canada’s largest polluters, raise BC’s emissions by over 20%, and make it impossible for BC to meet its climate targets.

While subsidy-induced fracking for gas continues apace in BC’s Northeast, the world price of natural gas has so far been too low for LNG projects to proceed. This has led some to portray Christy Clark’s last election promise about LNG being our saviour as an “epic fail.”

This video on all the subsidies is worth a watch:



All major BC political parties other than the BC Liberals have pledged to ban corporate, union, and foreign donations and to limit individual donations. Vote for change on May 9.

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