#6 - Living In The Lap Of Donors

Part of our BC Liberals' Dirty Dozen Donations series

Here’s a little question with a potentially big impact, but so far only one journalist – Bob Mackin – has been willing to ask it:

Has Christy Clark been paying full price ($5,500-$6,500 per month) from her own pocket to rent an expensive Vancouver house registered to a donor, even as she owns another home in the city?

Maybe the answer is “yes,” in which case we can move on and chalk all this up to coincidental, if murky relationships. But, so far there’s a failure to get an answer at all. Clark walked away from Mackin when he tried to ask her about it after the leaders debate.

We have cause to ask after Mackin found out that Clark failed to disclose, as she must under the law, that the BC Liberal party is leasing her a swanky SUV from another big BC Liberal donor, Dueck Auto Group.

(Remember that the person she’s supposed to disclose this stuff to, the BC conflict of interest commissioner, is father to Clark’s long time friend who sits on her executive council, and in nine years has never found her government in violation).

The three and a half million-dollar home that Clark lives in is registered in the name of BC Liberal donor Nevin Sangha, close business partner to Greg Kerfoot, owner of the Vancouver Whitecaps and another major BC Liberal donor.

The Whitecaps lease BC Place from the government agency BC Pavilion Corporation, overseen by the co-chair of the BC Liberal party election campaign, Todd Stone. That agency is breaking the law in refusing to publicly release the lease terms to see what kind of a deal taxpayers are getting.

Mackin has dug up enough connections, and encountered enough stonewalling, that it is surprising other journalists haven’t piled on to help get answers.



All major BC political parties other than the BC Liberals have pledged to ban corporate, union, and foreign donations and to limit individual donations. Vote for change on May 9.

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