#1 - Mt. Polley Donors Rewarded With New Permit To Pollute

Part of the BC Liberals' Dirty Dozen Donations series

The story of the Mt. Polley mining disaster goes from injury to insult to further injury.

Not only has nobody been held accountable for the worst mining spill in Canadian history, but just before the election the BC Liberals quietly gave permission to their Mt. Polley mining donors to dump harmful mining waste directly into Quesnel Lake.

This is like making the tailings dam breach a permanent feature of the Mt. Polley mine.

At the centre of this is BC Liberal donor Mt. Polley Mining Corporation, owned by donor Imperial Metals whose major shareholder is Alberta oil man and donor Murray Edwards who once held a million dollar fundraiser for Christy Clark in Calgary.

When the disaster happened, the BC Liberal mining minister repeatedly downplayed its impacts. Then, the BC Liberals hired another one of their donors to advise the Chief Inspector of Mines on the disaster.

BC taxpayers are on the hook for $40 million in clean up costs, but now the mine has been given permission to go on polluting.

Last year, the Auditor General found the state of mining enforcement in BC so bad she recommended a new arms length agency. The BC Liberals refused.

All major BC political parties other than the BC Liberals have pledged to ban corporate, union, and foreign donations and to limit individual donations. Vote for change on May 9.

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