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Battleground Ridings to Watch (Take 1)

As an avid politico, I am starting to look at what ridings are shaping up to be interesting (at least to me) in this federal election. I mainly base my choice on the traditional, tried and true notion of "swing" ridings, where candidates have won in the past by a narrow margin against their opponents.

So here are three battleground ridings I am watching right now and I will add more in other posts over the coming weeks. Would be great to hear what other ridings you political junkies out there are keeping and eye on.

1. Scarborough Centre

This riding is currently held by Conservative MP Roxanne James who is known as a bit of a right-wing firebrand. James only beat the Liberal candidate by just over 1,000 votes in 2011, making this a tight race to watch this time around. Roxanne James is up against Liberal Salma Zahid, New Democrat Alex Wilson and Green candidate Lindsay Thompson.

2. Ottawa-Orleans

This riding in the east end of Ottawa is currently held by Conservative MP Royal Galipeau, but in the 2011 election the Liberals lost this riding by less than 5,000 votes. Not as tight as James's margin, but enough to make it a swing that could go back to the Liberals in this election (the NDP were a very far third, but you never know!). Royal Galipeau has held this riding through three elections, but with change in the air this Fall who knows what might happen here. Galipeau is running against Liberal candidate Andrew Leslie and NDP candidate Nancy Tremblay Winfield

3. Port Moody-Coquitlam

This is a new (-ish) riding in BC created under the most recent redistribution and it is going to be a good one to watch, as local Conservative stalwart MP James Moore sits adjacent to this one. The Conservatives have put in place a "star candidate" here by the name of Tim Laidler. Redistributed results in 2011 saw the Conservatives squeak by in this riding with only 4,623 votes between them and the NDP. Running in this riding we have sitting MP Fin Donnelly for the NDP, Laidler for the Conservatives and Marcus Madsen for the Green Party.  



Strategic Voting

We have had some people asking us about strategic voting in their ridings. While we have in the past offered advice about strategic voting, we will not be doing so for the 2015 election. If you are interested in strategic voting we suggest you check out Vote Together.



What is Vote Buddy / Votons?

We've had a great response to our request for donations to build our Vote Buddy / Votons! application. Thank you to everyone who donated. We've also had a lot of requests for more information about it. So here goes.

In the last two elections we were very active in the strategic voting arena. There are several other groups doing that this cycle, including LeadNow, so we want to do something different. We want to turn out more young voters than ever before. Here's how:

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