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Why is the Conservative Party of Canada Popping in the Polls?

2015-08-20.jpgIt is a little mind boggling to a lot of folks that despite all that has happened so far in the 2015 federal election, Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada continue to stay up in the polls. 

The latest polls in aggregate have the Conservatives slightly ahead at 32%, with the Liberal in second at 30% and the NDP at 27%. Really when it comes to margins of error it is a dead heat, or at the least for the Liberals and the Conservatives. 

Now putting aside the fact that I actually put almost no faith in modern polling techniques, I am still a little baffled that the Conservative Party of Canada is still polling so prominently. Any one of an economic recession, corruption charges or a refugee crisis should spell disaster for any party, in any election, in almost any democratic country. 

But the Conservatives are holding despite experiencing all three of these death knells. 

So what is going on? How is the Conservative Party of Canada holding on? I have two insights (please take them for what they are worth).


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