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#5 - RCMP Investigate Lobbyist Donations To BC Liberals

Part of our BC Liberals' Dirty Dozen Donations series

You know, it’s pretty hard to break BC’s political donations laws, mainly because there almost aren’t any.

When they say BC is the “wild west” of political donations, it’s because almost anything goes. Foreign money from corrupt regimes? Bring it! Corporations and unions bankrolling political parties to undermine the principle of one person, one vote? No problem! One rich donor giving unlimited millions to his or her favourite party? Send the cheques!

So it was quite a shock when the RCMP was called in to investigate donor wrongdoing following a blockbuster Globe and Mail story.

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#6 - Living In The Lap Of Donors

Part of our BC Liberals' Dirty Dozen Donations series

Here’s a little question with a potentially big impact, but so far only one journalist – Bob Mackin – has been willing to ask it:

Has Christy Clark been paying full price ($5,500-$6,500 per month) from her own pocket to rent an expensive Vancouver house registered to a donor, even as she owns another home in the city?

Maybe the answer is “yes,” in which case we can move on and chalk all this up to coincidental, if murky relationships. But, so far there’s a failure to get an answer at all. Clark walked away from Mackin when he tried to ask her about it after the leaders debate.

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#7 - We Pay Hydro Bills Of Christy Clark's LNG Donors

Part of our Dirty Dozen BC Liberal's Donations series

You don’t mind paying the hydro bills of multi-billion dollar foreign LNG companies, do you? Well, LNG Christy Clark/BC Liberal donors are getting that out of you, and much more.

While BC Hydro rates go up for the rest of us, rich foreign fossil fuel donors are seeing their bills drop. For example, should the Woodfibre LNG plant near Squamish get built, it will receive hydro bill breaks of $34 million per year, or $860 million over the life of the facility.

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