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The Harper Government is Buying Our Vote With Our Own Money

This image has gone completely viral online, mainly on our Facebook page:


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Third Party Advertising 101 for the 2015 Canadian Federal Election

Given that we could be going into a federal election here in Canada as early as this weekend (sigh) and I have a lot of folks asking me about the rules and regulations around election advertising by third parties, I thought I would share the most important points for those interested in knowing more about the regulations.

To be clear, I am not a lawyer, just a guy who can't help but stick his nose in elections. I actually hope this summary sparks a few more people to get involved as third parties in this election.

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MP Larry Miller: Get Your Head Out of the Sand

larry_miller_conservative_MP.jpgPressProgress reported yesterday that Conservative MP Larry Miller stated in a committee meeting that the "climate's always changing, it always will" and that the serious decline in wildlife populations like Canada's iconic caribou has nothing to do with climate change. 

Miller thinks this despite his own government recently finding that habitat deterioration linked to weather and climate change is having an impact on caribou. 

Take action and add your name to the greeting card we made and send a message to Larry Miller to get his head out of the sand on climate change.

Once we hit our goal of 5,000 signatures, we will print off this card and hand deliver it to MP Larry Miller. So sign right away to ensure your name gets on the card!

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New Poll has Harper 8-points Ahead


A new poll out today conducted by Abacus Data has the Harper Conservatives way out in front of the other parties with an 8-point advantage. 

Given all the trouble with polls over the last few years, who knows what to make of it.

Interesting to see if other polls in the near future replicate these findings -- then that would spell trouble for Mulcair, Trudeau and May, at least in the short term. 

At the least it should be a bit of wake up call for anyone thinking Harper is sure to get the boot in this Fall's election.

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Tell Stephen Harper to Stop Hiding Behind Duffy

the-duff--take-action.jpgYesterday, Senator Mike Duffy dropped what pundits are calling a "political bombshell" in Ottawa, claiming that Stephen Harper was well aware of the arrangements made to end the controversy around Duffy's inappropriate use of his expense budget. 

Duffy says Harper was "in the room" when Harper's former chief of staff, Nigel Wright, arranged to cover the $90,000 in misappropriated funds. 

Harper's chronies in Cabinet are now out in the media saying Duffy needs to stop laying blame elsewhere and take full responsibility for the spending scandal. But now it is clear that Stephen Harper is as much to blame for this mess and he needs to take responsibility as the leader of his party and of the Canadian government.

Sign on to our petition demanding Harper take responsibility for the role he played in the Duffy spending scandal. 

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Are you on Stephen Harper's Enemy List?

harper-enemy.jpgThis week it was revealed that Stephen Harper's office has created a list of "enemies" that was distributed to all of his Cabinet Ministers.

The list remains a secret. A Toronto Star editorial today states clearly that, "those on the list have reason to worry."

Are you on the list? Are any of your friends or family considered an "enemy" by their own government?

Find out. Sign on and we will personally deliver all the names to the Prime Minister's office and demand to know if any of your names are on Harper's enemy list. 

When our government keeps an enemy list, it is an attack on the very core of who we are as a country. I'm not saying that lightly or in exaggeration. Canada has always been a country that welcomes with open arms citizens of other countries that are facing persecution or even death at the hands of their own government.

Now our government has its own list of enemies. Where does it stop if we don't stand up and tell our government that this is unacceptable behaviour in a free and democratic society?

Sign on now and see if you are on the list.

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Welcome to our new NationBuilder website

Greetings all! We have relaunched our website on NationBuilder. NationBuilder is a great platform for helping you keep up with us, and for us to keep up with you. The system is built on a Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system that is tightly integrated with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It makes it easy for us to keep our content in sync between our very busy Facebook page and the website.

Once we decide what our next initiative will be, the NationBuilder platform will help us grow and spread the word more effectively. 

Please sign up so we can keep in touch with you and let you know what's next for Project Democracy!



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