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What's Saving Christy Clark's Political Career? Uncertainty

If you can set aside any partisan feelings for a bit, let’s game out Christy Clark’s future.

When the interests of a party and its leader align, everything is hunky dory.

When they go out of alignment, watch out!

Ironically, right now the BC Liberals interests are most strongly aligned with Clark based on how precarious things are in the legislature and whether there is a snap election. There’s just not enough space to part company until those things resolve themselves.

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BC Just Rejected Kinder Morgan - Again

This was Ottawa’s plan: give Kinder Morgan federal approvals, get Christy Clark on record agreeing with the pipeline, and then politically sanitize that decision by having her win the BC election, thereby claiming the BC public is onside.

But, even though Ottawa meddled in the BC election by publicly encouraging Clark’s showboating on Trump and U.S. thermal coal, BC voters had other ideas – they rejected her.

So by Ottawa’s own logic, the pipeline has now been politically rejected in BC. 

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#1 - Mt. Polley Donors Rewarded With New Permit To Pollute

Part of the BC Liberals' Dirty Dozen Donations series

The story of the Mt. Polley mining disaster goes from injury to insult to further injury.

Not only has nobody been held accountable for the worst mining spill in Canadian history, but just before the election the BC Liberals quietly gave permission to their Mt. Polley mining donors to dump harmful mining waste directly into Quesnel Lake.

This is like making the tailings dam breach a permanent feature of the Mt. Polley mine.

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